Time for an Enemy Compendium?

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I'm getting slayed by brutes and devastators at the moment - Plan B and Plan G of Honour Among Thieves. My 5* with only one or two covers but at level 285 or 300 are not up to the task of taking down level 140s let alone anything higher.

I clearly do not have a great strategy for them.

A list of enemies and details on their attacks would be helpful for nubes (and me - the casual player). Strategies on taking them down (best attacks and some MPQ characters that have that attack) would be extremely useful.

Or at least strategies for Brutes and Devastators.



  • AardvarkPepper
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    I could say use 3* Doctor Strange, but who knows what you have?

    Generally if you at least have some decent characters, you can beat a match if you select for powers and colors.  But if they're not just the right ones, you'll take a chunk of damage.  Well, nothing can be done about that if you don't have what you need, so get at it.

    Most enemies are on wiki.

    You can also read powers if you mouseover / click on (depending on platform) enemies.

    The cyclop-type monster power descriptions are kinda vague.  Brutes make the yellow protect tiles.  I think Devastators make black attack tiles, and there's another one that makes strike tiles.
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    It really annoys me to an unreasonable extent that Brutes aren't the one whose start of game tile generation power is called "Brutal".

    On topic, G4mora and Strange have been getting me through, but it's getting rough on this last Sub. Before I had Strange, I think I got by using some combination of 3* Cap's red and blue to overwrite their countdowns, stuns, and general tile destruction (e.g. Storm, 3* Black Widow). Falcon is also good, Medusa is great as usual

    3* Widow, Kamala Khan, and Scarlet Witch are nice because they can create lots of tiles in the same colours as the Mindless Ones' countdowns. Widow can also set up match-4s that will take them out, as can 2* Magneto.

    2* Black Widow's blue can give you more time to deal with them, and she's boosted for this run.
  • resistor001
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    Checked out MPQ wiki, these enemies aren' t on there.

    I tried boosted OBW (109) and SStrange (100) and unbolted SCap 183. Much more effective than other things I've been using as fodder. I'll definitely try the others there as well. 

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    Based on your above post I'm guessing you are in the 2-star - 3-star transition, @resistor001 and you may be at a Shield Clearance Level too advanced for you - I don't know. Also, 5-stars aren't really going to help you at this stage of the game. They may look impressive but the only thing an under-covered 5-star can do is match damage, which isn't enough against advanced enemies even half their level (as you discovered). Keep building your threes and don't get ahead of yourself on SCL when entering an event. Go ahead and roster the fours and fives you get, but let them sit and consider them an investment on your future. DON'T WASTE ISO on them until they're ready (generally 10-13 covers).
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    Three mindless ones in the same node is very painful. They can start laying eye beam CD tiles by about turn 3, and pretty much every turn after that, which are 6-turn tiles, so you have about 9 turns to start actually killing them. Except they have a ton of health, and some of them even make protect tiles (or strengthen them).

    Yeah, it's a pain. If you're still using 2*s you could try Black Widow to extend their CD timers, but that's only delaying the inevitable. I'm thinking the most reliable team you could put together there might be some combination with Magneto and Storm, to power out Windstorms to stun whichever mindless one is putting out the most tiles (and reasonable damage to all)
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    Maybe even Moonstone to steal their tiles once theyve been strengthened