Hello D3 Go! Forum Users -

We wanted to give a friendly reminder to everyone that we are no longer using Zendesk to manage our Customer Support tickets. If you would like to submit a support ticket, then please make sure you are either utilizing the in-game Helpshift feature, or emailing our team at [email protected]

In addition, if you have a recent Zendesk ticket that seems to have suddenly been closed for no reason, then please email us at the above address or in-game for further assistance.

Thank you!
D3 Go!
Hello D3 Go! Forum Users -

If you are still having trouble updating your birth date on your forum profile, then please follow the steps listed in the below discussion thread.

Please copy and paste this URL for details --> https://forums.d3go.com/discussion/72653/new-forum-terms-of-service-steps-to-update-profile

It is very important that all users complete this process, otherwise they will unfortunately be unable to actively participate in the forum on their current account.

Thank you!

This is when I Race for the Galaxy....

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Spent the last week getting SWW errors in MTGPQ -- looking forward to another week of it, so I'm playing RFTG --- I'm terrible at it, so if you want to duel, hit me up!

(especially you @shteev -- our match is overdue!)
[MOD MIC ON] means I am using my extraordinary powers of good to fix something or restore joy, peace and harmony to the MTGPQ forums. 

Any other time, I am just a player like the rest of you, and will be freely sharing my own thoughts, opinions, expertise and hopes for the game. 

Not an employee of D3 Go! / Oktagon. 
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