Can a player reach PvE max progression with only 2*s?

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Can a player reach PvE max progression with only 2*s?

I think through level 6, a player get Essential Nodes in PvE events; one 2*, one 3*, one 4*.

But if you don't have the required 3* or the required 4* (say you do have the required 2*), can you still make max progression if you grind nodes down?

(Edit - assuming a player grinds each node until 24 hour timers start at the beginning of the slice, then before the end of the slice grinding nodes to very low digits - assuming 2 hours for the first grinding period, and 2 hours for the second grinding period.

I can't answer the question for myself as I already have a full roster of 3*s and I don't want to miss nodes if I can complete them.  I could try calculating the points gained from the 3* and 4*s and subtracting them, but I'm not sure those would give accurate calculations what with rubberbanding.  There is still rubberbanding for PvE, no?)


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    It all depends on how you play. You can make up for unavailable nodes by playing optimally. In other words, doing your clears at the beginning & end of subs so the maximum amount of points regenerate between clears. So you'd do 4 clears at the beginning and 2-3 clears at the end.

    If you're doing all your clears at once you can only grind so far for quickly diminishing returns and you may miss max progression if two of the essential nodes are unavailable.
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    with progression and depending on CL, you will get the essential 3* and 4*, and if you can roster them (with optimal playing), I believe you can hit the max-progression reward (not sure tho did not do the math).

    assuming only using 2* essential (forget about 3* and 4*).

    from my understanding we can get full progression with 5 clears (4 clears, gives 100% points, 5th clear gives 66% points), so total that's 466% of the node point.

    the calculation below is not accurate:
    lets assume a sub have 10 nodes, one loaner, 3 easy, 3 hard, 3 essential (just for easy math, lets assume all have same value of points), so basically we need 466% of 10 nodes, that's 4660% of one node points.

    playing optimally (and assuming taking us 0 time to do all clears(not possible)) that will earn us 600% points per each node.

    since missing 3* and 4*, then we have 8 nodes left:
    8 x 600% = 4800%

    till now it looks it is doable as 4800% > 4660%, but the mistake in these calculations are:
    1. can not clear nodes in 0 time.
    2. the 4* node and 3* gives more points than the easy node, we can not consider it as equal value.
    anyway the difference is 140% (which is very small), the good thing is if 5 clear is more than enough (by good amount) to get full progression, then yes there is hope, if not then no.

    But I think after getting the 3* and/or 4* char, then roster them and use them, yes I believe we can hit the max progression reward(with playing optimally).
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    The math is real.  Thanks, Lucifier!
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    I used to do the same for 4* reqs where I do all the nodes I can, get the 4*, roster them, and then clear the 4* and have enough to complete the event.
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    The problem with this approach is that you would need to be in a CL high enough that you get the 4* from progression. That would be very difficult to play optimally with a 2* roster.
    As @byc says, it can be done without the 4* once you earn it in progression if you have a roster slot. The 3* comes early enough in progression that you should be able to get it on the first day, so you can get full points from it as well. Again, you need the roster room for that.

    Long story short: if you have two open roster spots and a strong enough 2* roster you should be fine. Without rostering the essentials during the event, you will be hard pressed to get there due to the higher point value of the 3* and 4* nodes.
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    from a real test, playing at CL1, not optimal playing (but not bad playing either, well some node i only cleared it 4 times, not 7 or 8 times, this event is 48hrs each sub, so optimal will be clear each node 8 times), only have the 2* and 3* essential char (from beginning), don't have the 4* and does not exists in CL1 progression rewards.
    got all the progression rewards, and still there are more points to collect, so 4* is not necessary for full progression rewards.

    P.S. might this event is different than others, but I don't think it will be that different, as there are still more points to collect.
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    After posting this thread earlier, I took down some data.

    Looks like, at least for PvE SCL 1-5 (I don't know if the progression rewards are different at SCL 6+ where I think there is an additional 5* Essential Node) - a single Essential Node character gets you to max HP progression reward.  Two Essential Node characters gets you to max progression.

    So answering my own question, having only the 2* Essential Node character is not sufficient to max progression, based on the past four PvE events anyways.