No Double Iso-8 in Lightning Rounds *Updated (10/17/17)

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Update 10/17 10:01am - Due to the way that the skip opponent cost is set up, we unfortunately will be unable to halve the skip amount during this run of Double Iso-8 Lightning Rounds. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update 10//11 8:30AM - Speaking with the team today, we will be running double iso-8 rewards next week with the price to skip events halved in Lightning Rounds. This will be in lieu of a free gift next week.

Hi Everyone - 

As you may have seen, the Lightning Rounds that started today do not have double iso-8. The team is very sorry as we intended to offer double iso-8 but were unable to make the changes in time to offer it in the Lightning Rounds. We will send out a gift to each player next week that participated in the Lightning Rounds.

We hope that everyone is continuing to enjoy the Anniversary!

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