Why am I still being asked to rate this app?

I rated it years ago, gave it 5*, and even put up with the repeated requests for ratings every time there's an app update. But before recent updates I could just tap "no thanks" and it would stop bothering me (until the next app update).

Now I'm given two options; one that asks me again the next calendar day, and the other kicks me out of the app and pushes me to the play store to rate what I've already rated. Why can't I just turn it off and play the bloody game?!?

Since I was pushed to the app store and presented with my previous 5* rating, I've since reduced it. I will being it back to 5* if you stop kicking me out of the game. 


  • finlanderboy
    finlanderboy Posts: 44 Just Dropped In
    This annoys me too.  I just wanna play the game and not re-rate it everytime you update.  I am seriously considering putting 1 star just because you annoy me about voting.
  • Ducky
    Ducky Posts: 2,255 Community Moderator
    It's getting fixed next patch, thankfully. 
  • Nightglider1
    Nightglider1 Posts: 701 Critical Contributor

    I'd be interested to know why they thought it would be a good idea to remove the "No Thanks" option.

    "Hey, guys - we think we're not getting as many ratings as we should. Therefore, we're going to switch to nagging the player base every day. They won't mind, right?"

  • SkadenFrudee
    SkadenFrudee Posts: 112 Tile Toppler
    I minded enough to give my first app rating ever, 1 star across the board. Counterproductive I'd say.