New power and potential character idea: looking for feedback :)

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This is a power that myself and a few people from my alliance have been discussing for a while and we think its a really neat power that this game needs: the ability to change which way down is, or to put it in other words, which way the tiles drop after you make a match and they fall.

We were thinking it would look something like this:
- converts a basic tile to a colourless direction tile that shows which way down has become. The tile cannot be matched and cannot fall.
- direction change happens every time a match is made.
- direction change is random.

How long would it last for? Well in was thinking that it would last for a few turns depending on what level the power was at, but it could also be indefinite until the tile gets destroyed (much like 5* Dr. Strange's Eye of Agamotto power).

I was thinking the levels could look like this:

Power Cost 12 AP (I'm thinking Purple)
- Randomizes direction of fall (Or gravity) for 3 turns
- Randomizes direction of fall (Or gravity) for 5 turns
- Randomizes direction of fall indefinitely/until destroyed

Another possibility is that the tile is always indefinite/until destroyed and the levels are adding directions, so something like this:

Power Cost 12 AP (I'm thinking Purple)
- Randomizes up or down
- Randomizes left or right
- Randomizes all directions

Now, who would have this power?
When Dr. Strange was teased we all thought that Strange would be a perfect character to have this ability but now that he's out, we cannot really change his powers, which are fantastic.

I was thinking, and from looking at the forums many other people agree with this statement, that we would like more playable villain characters in the game.
So thinking villains, I think that the character could be....

MYSTERIO: part of Spider-Man's rogue gallery (and we all know how much the developers love the Spider Verse with all the different Spider characters in the game). Failed special effects wizard and stunt man Quentin Beck decides that his expertise in illusions could make him an effective villain. Using tech he creates, and later in his history the power of hypnotism, he terrorizes Manhattan using technology like holograms, robots, gas (that can obstructs Spidey's spider-sense and even creates  a chemical abrasive to disolves Spidey's webbing. The chemical abrasive that dissolves the webbing could be a great ability in MPQ too as seeing that there are many Spider-characters that create web tiles in game. This power could be one that destroys web tiles if there are some as well as defence/shield tiles.

MASTERMIND: part of the X-Men rogue gallery (since we're getting an influx of new X-Men characters, why not a villain?). Jason Wyngarde is a mutant with the psionoc ability to generate complex telepathic illusions at will that cause his victims to see whatever he wishes them to see. He is capable of affecting telepaths as powerful as Prof. X and Jean Grey. Emma Frost once described his abilities as something akin to a psionic virus, which he plants into the mind of the victim and allows to grow and change according to their view and feelings and it would appear that these "viruses" can continue to function even without his influence. Founding member of the first Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and later a member of the Hellfire Club where he played an important role in the Dark Phoenix Saga.
Another in game ability could be one where he makes, converts or destroys special tiles.

ARCADE: another from the X-Men rogue gallery, but Arcade has also come up against many other heroes and villains like Spider-Man, Capt. Britain, Excalibur, Ghost Rider, X-Force, Gwenpool, Green Goblin, Johnny Storm, etc.
He has no superhuman powers but has absolute genius-level knowledge of technology far ahead of conventional science, particularly in the fields of robotics and mechanical and electrical engineering.
Arcade is a combination of evil genius and hitman who carries out his assassinations via various elaborate traps, often referred to as his Murderworld.
However, one of his "gimmicks" is that he always deliberately leaves each target a small chance of survival. This sets Arcade notably apart from most other villains who use deathtraps; while most villains believe that their death machines are infallible, Arcade likes to give them a chance on purpose, for the sport of it.
This last part could be an interesting clause for an ability in MPQ similar to Agent Venom or another MPQ character's ability which has a back-fire clause.


So, yeah. Put quite a bit of thought into this. What does everyone think?
Good ability for the game?
Does it need tweeking to make it better?
Who should have it?
Any other villain ideas?