Magic: Puzzle Quest's New Development Team: Oktagon Games (9/27/17)

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Hi Everyone,

Since Hibernum's closure in the middle of August, we've been working as quickly and effectively as we could to find a new development team that would be the best fit to continue developing Magic: the Gathering - Puzzle Quest. We know that many players have been anxious to know more information, and we absolutely appreciate everyone's patience and support during this transition period.

Today, we're finally excited to announce that we'll be partnering up with Oktagon Games as the new development team. In addition, Steve Fawkner, the original creator of Puzzle Quest, will be taking a Senior Designer consultant role with Oktagon Games to assist on the title.

If you'd like to learn more about Oktagon Games, or about our development schedule for the coming few months, then please head over to the full announcement article below:

D3 Go! Names Oktagon Games As Developer Of Magic: The Gathering - Puzzle Quest Mobile Game
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