LINE group for tips or general discussion?

Riguez Posts: 22 Just Dropped In
Hi all, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, please feel free to move it where it belongs... I just have a quick question: I've seen there are LINE groups for Alliances and so on, but I was wondering if there is a LINE group not for a specific Alliance but for general tips/discussion on the game? Or where someone can ask questions about the game, etc...

I would like to join such a group if it exists, my LINE ID is riguezjpra if someone sees this and wants to add me to an MPQ group, I would be more than happy.

I am a daily player, normally placing Top 20-50 in PVE events, currently playing at SCL7-SCL8 depending on the event, have around 10-15 champed 4*s (and all 3*s and 2*s) and currently building up to start moving to 5*.

Thanks in advance for all the help!