Mantis ****

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Blue - Sleep
7 ap 
Mantis creates 2 turn CD tile that steals one random AP per tick. 

Passive - Whenever enemy matches away a friendly CD tile stun a random enemy.

2 covers - 3 turn CD
3 covers - 4 turn CD tiles
4 covers - Increases passive to 2 turns
5 covers - 2 x 4 turn CD tiles

Yellow - Rest
9 AP 
Add 2 protect tiles to the board and stun a teammate for 1 round. 

Passive - Every time a friendly is stunned, give them a health boost. 

Each cover increases amount of healing and strength of protect tiles. 

Green - Pretty on the Inside
Passive - If a friendly is stun, do 450 damage to enemy team. If an enemy is damage, do 698 damage to target. 

Increase damage per cover. 
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