Any guides that rate the events?

Wumpushunter Posts: 627 Critical Contributor
Not just the incomplete wiki but a guide that rates difficultly levels, or opponents? Someone posted in another thread that venom bomb was one of the hardent pve events and I would not mind knowing which are easy and which are harder.


  • Dormammu
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    With the implementation of scl scaling I find them all to be pretty bearable. Some are just more tedious than others - like the current ISO Brotherhood and the constant barrage of Dark Avengers. Events with a lot of 3-goon nodes are easier, I think, because all you have to worry about is managing countdown tiles and Dr. Strange chews through goons like wet paper. Symbiotes can quickly get out of hand against a slow team which is why Venom Bomb is seen as more difficult, but with the right roster they're very manageable (Strange, Teen Jean, 3ock, Medusa). There is a couple of Venom/Carnage nodes in Venom Bomb that can be dangerous too.

    I tend to think Ultron Sentries are the worst, myself, but not many events feature those. The hardest PvE event to me was probably The Gauntlet as you had to fight some high level active enemies with good team composition, but I don't think that's ran since scl scaling was introduced.
  • Warbringa
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    Venom Bomb used to be ridiculous when first introduced but it isn't quite as bad since they nerfed Carnage on most of the nodes. Overall I would say it is just average now.  As Dormammu pointed out, a slow team can be killer in nodes with symbiotes.  

    I always find Enemy of the State annoying and difficult (compared to average PvEs) due to Teisatsu and Kishu along with tons of Gorgon/Wolverine feeder nodes.