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Grenade's Artillery

Grenade110Grenade110 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 53 Match Maker
I have been wanting to rework my decks and update some of them while increasing the effectiveness as much as possible. To do this I thought I'd enlist the help of the forums while avoiding having 20+ threads open simultaneously. So, I'm going post decks one at a time for input from this community.  Thanks to all that offer advice in advance. 

I was unsure where to begin but I guess I should start with what is already one of my most powerful decks. It is also my only deck that isn't Standard legal.

Jace, Unraveller of Secrets

Drowner Network 

Creatures: (1)
Drowner of Hope 

Spells: (4)
Scour From Existence 
Adverse Conditions***

Supports: (5)
Thopter Spy Network 
Sphinx's Tutelage 
Oath of Jace 
Sunken Hollow 
Drownyard Temple 

* Prior to Galestrike becoming available I used Anchor to the Aether here but as Galestrike is cheaper it immediately took this spot once I opened it from a pack. 

** Reason//Believe  was originally  being tested and has been preforming admirably so much so I've forgotten what it replaced. 

Outside of those new changes this deck has remained relatively unchanged since it was  created a while back. (Jace2 was my first Planeswalker outside of the Origins five and this deck came together before I  had him at max level)

Drowner of Hope is essential to this deck with it's lockdown ability with Thopter Spy Network and another support. 

Scour From Existence is the removal of this deck. I don't have Imprisoned in the Moon but I do have Turn to Frog. Just prefer Scour From Existence.

Foundry Of the Counsuls  is a bit of surprise Thopters which will trigger Drowner.

Reason//Believe has been great with drawing up to three cards and can later grab a Drowner. 

Galestrike will send a creature back to the opponent's hand and replace itself which can trigger Tutelage. 

Thopter Spy Network is crucial just like Drowner. 

Oath of Jace will draw two cards and slow down the opponent. 

Sphinx's Tutelage is great at slowing the opponent down.

Drownyard Temple speeds the deck and it will recur if destroyed. 

Sunken Hollow converts gems. I have considered replacing it with Fetid Pools for the cycling. 


*** Foundry Of the Counsuls was good in this deck but Adverse Conditions is better.
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