Some form of sorting/filtering at the team selection screen

abmoraz Posts: 711 Critical Contributor
Just being able to sort by something OTHER than effective level would be nice and would make finding specific characters so much easier.   I have 158 characters rostered.  Scrolling through them all by paging 8-at-a-time when the one I want is normally on page 7, but because of level boosts and locked out characters is now on page 4, but I don't realize that so I spend another 2 minutes going one page at a time trying to find them especially when they have similar icons in the menu (like DareDevil and Cyclops or AntMan and Starlord or Wasp and Jean Grey and Quake) or when I want the 3* version of Dr. Strange instead of the 5* version, but they are about the same level and have nearly incidental icons is really annoying, just like reading a massively run-on sentence like this.

caveat: I am very colorblind, so differences in the above may exists for others that don't for me

But in all seriousness, could we get sorting in the character select screen that is an analog to the roster screen?  Just being able to sort or filter by rarity (*, **, ***, ****, *****, Favorites) would be insanely helpful.  Same thing goes for the team-ups screen.  I don't think I've chosen a team manually in over a year because that screen is just a hot mess (really... why isn't there a "Remove" option on the Team-up tab like there is on the boost tab?)