Longbox Heroes Recruitment Drive! - TOP 100 PVP Alliance / PVE moderate

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Longbox Heroes is currently seeking competitive higher end PVP players to fill a hole in our roster.

We  are a Top 100 PVP-focus alliance, creeping up on T50. WE need some good, friendly, earnest players who are looking to keep improving.

Current KPI Requirements:

  • 650 minimum per PVP
  • 1k minimum in Simulator
  • All hands on Deck for all boss events.

We do a lot of talking through Facebook. Some of us use LINE for coordinating but if you don't have it that's cool.

Though we have minimums to fall back on, current alliance members hit well above the minimums. We want players who are interested in doing their best, more than the minimum, and contributing to the alliance.

PVE is not a requirement but it is encouraged.

If you are interested in joining a competitive, friendly alliance, drop a line below. Or PM me.

Looking forward to hearing from some like-minded individuals.


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  • madsalad
    madsalad Posts: 815 Critical Contributor
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  • madsalad
    madsalad Posts: 815 Critical Contributor
    LBH has three openings. Please PM me if interested.