Proposals to make the gaming bette

I just lost against an OP deck again.
Playing against a deck containing only ultra rare cards is no fun - not to say it is going against the idea of "playing" games.

The opposite of playing games is
 - get sleepy while doing it, because you have an ultra rare card deck (-> two leagues?)
 - get sleepy, because you or the opponent are in a (nearly) endless loop (-> invent a x-action per turn allowed limitation?)
 - get sore fingers, because you cycle your cards until you have fantasy-lliards of flying creatures (-> drop/alter that feature?)
 - abort and losing the match after a "long" time, because of a stalemate (two creature destroying decks playing against each other, and similar) (-> invent a round based timeout and re-match)

If on the other side you do not intend to create an app for playing games, you could also offer (for money) an AI which is actually playing for the customer.

It is not easy to provide a challenge for a regular gamer, so these do not get sleepy as well.
But for my taste it would make more sense to have a better AI (thanks for always avoiding the 5 gem combos, I feel chaperoned) than to fight a hopeless battle against a pay to win deck.
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