Infinity Season *Updated (9/19/17)

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Hi Everyone,

To go along with the next Progression rewards based on wins test, we will be doing a mini Versus Season during the next off-season.

Between the Versus seasons of Space Gem and Power Gem we will be running a 1-off Versus Season called the Infinity Season. The Versus Season will consist of two Versus Tournaments, but will not have a S.H.I.E.L.D. Simulator Versus Tournament.

Players will earn progression rewards based on the amount of wins they have, rather than how many points they have earned. The season placement and progression rewards have been scaled to the length of the season itself (two events rather an 10). Events during this Versus Season will reward tokens to the Heroic cover store.

Event Details
  • Infinity Season starts Sunday, September 17 at 8am EDT and ends Friday, September 22 at 3pm EDT.
  • Nefarious Foes
    • Start Time: Sunday, September 17 at 8am EDT
    • End Time: Wednesday, September 20 at 3pm EDT.
  • Best Friends Forever
    • Start Time: Tuesday, September 19 at 8pm EDT
    • End Time: Friday, September 22 at 3pm EDT.
  • Infinity Season progression and placement rewards are scaled to a season that has only two Versus Tournaments.
    • 13 tiers of Progression Rewards
    • Top Progression reward is 67 wins
Update: The team investigated and confirmed that the Infinity Season would have ended 12 hours before Best Friends Forever ended. Due to this, we will have the Best Friends Forever event start early (it will be back-dated to start at 8:00am EDT today 9/19). 

Starting the Best Friends Forever event early means that players in the first two time offsets (aka slices) will unfortunately have less time to participate in the event, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

At this point we do not have any intentions of adjusting the Power Gem Season, or any other event, from its current schedule.
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