starting a new versus for higher ranking players

nyjoker Posts: 6 Just Dropped In
i started realizing as i have several 5 star characters when i start a new versus mode im already using my high level character instead of using the 145lv character and lower level characters and not getting any extra rewards for it. basically im using my high lv character for that versus event and get the same rewards a lower level player receives. not fair as he still has a chance to play his free 145 lv character 3 times with another character he is still leveling up before he competes to higher level and will get the same rewards i will receive for already using all of my high level characters maybe once or have to constantly heal them. maybe give us free health packs as rewards or for the first 3 matches give us higher level characters a higher rewards like a heroic card. only fair as i still have lower level characters that im trying to play but unable as soon as i start a versus play i have to use all of my higher level just to get a reward that someone lower then me will get as well.