Not Bug, but questions

Managing an alliance.

1) If the alliance is open any one can join right?
2) If Private no one can join or is it people can join if they know the name?

4) is there a way that you can hold a spot for someone?

OKAY - I often kick folks to make room, but newbies join before the people I am recruiting...


  • DeNappa
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    1. Yes.
    2. As far as i know, private means 2 things. First, it will not be listed in the 'Search' tab unless the 'Private alliances' checkbox is checked. Second, setting the alliance to 'private' means that people that attempt to join will have to be approved by a Commander. They apply, and after they apply, they will appear in the member list with 'Approve' and 'Dismiss' buttons.
    3. There is no 3.
    4. No.
  • mbaren
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    1) If it's public.
    2) People can request to join if they know the name.  Then you (or another Commander) can approve/deny.
    3) Since there is no #3: this is the Bugs and Technical Issues forum, and this post is neither.  The General or Alliances subforums would both have been more appropriate, and I suspect this thread will get locked/deleted shortly.
    4) Not exactly, but since you can control who joins if the Alliance is private, you can effectively do this.
  • Tintaiwan
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    Thanks to all. Not well documented.