****Unknown Character****

I still don't know which character this is supposed to be but someone who can alter minds and maybe shapeshift. Let's call him / her XXX.

Confusion 9 red AP:
XXX totally confuses the enemy team by transforming her own team into copies of the other team.
Creates a 4 turn red countdown tile. Any tiles matched by the enemy team while this is active generate AP for your team.

Passive: Whenever the enemy team makes a match-4 or better you gain 2 AP in that color.

Reflection 9 black AP:
XXX works in mysterious ways and creates a portal that reflects incoming damage!
Creates a 4 turn black countdown tile. While this is active any damage-dealing enemy skills deal damage to the enemy target / enemy team.

Passive: Whenever the enemy team makes TU a match-4 or better both teams are stunned for 2 turns.

Generation blue AP:
Passive: Whenever someone is stunned, select a tile. Destroy it and gain one AP in that color.
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