Hopefully not an overasked question regarding gem season clearance level

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Just so I'm clear on the new gem season for versus.  I by no means have a CL8 roster, but I do qualify for it on the new gem season.  Should I be choosing the highest level for the gem season I can for the rewards and then choose my preferred level for the shield levels or should I keep both levels consistant/equal.  I realize I might finish better in a clearance 5,6, or 7 but the rewards are much better in CL8.  If that's the only consequence, I can live with lesser placement rewards.  Is there something else that would happen if I choose CL8 for the gem season and a lower CL for the shield levels?  Thanks for the answers in advance all.


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    You're pretty much on the right track. If you stay at a lower CL, you might place better overall at the end of the season, but get less in progression rewards. CL8 will give better progression rewards, but you will probably get less in placement rewards at the end of the season. 

    You can still pick CL8 for the overall season, then pick whatever CL you want for each individual event, but you HAVE to make sure you pick the overall season CL FIRST.

    If you decide to sandbag Cage Match and pick CL4 or something like that WITHOUT picking your overall season CL FIRST, you'll be stuck at CL4 for your overall season level.

    But if you pick your overall season CL at 8, THEN choose to enter Cage Match at 4 or whatever, you'll be at 4 for that event only. The next event you can pick 7 or 8 or whatever level you want. Meanwhile, you'll still be at SCL 8 for the overall season rewards. 

    Hopefully I explained that clearly enough that it makes sense. 
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       Thanks so much for the advice but I actually learned the hard way about choosing the gem season first.  I hastily entered the Luke Cage PVP, because I just wasn't thinking, and got locked into the whole season at that level :/ .  Lesson learned and will not forget again.  But thank you again for your clarification.