Extinction #3 All-Time (currently recruiting competitive players)

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We are the #3 All-Time coalition and maintain that placement in most events.  We have an active Discord channel with expert players who love to talk about the game. 

We'll help you by learning to build better decks and get access to the best cards. PM or reply here if you want to join up.


  • TheZorch
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    I've been in a single low ranked coalition for almost two years.  Along with the other two (preferably) 3 most engaged players. We would like to have be onto one that is simply more engaged.  Personally I place in the second and third tier and occasionally top 5 of every event I play in , and have stayed in gold tier for that reason.  This with almost no constructive help from other members oand in a nearly dead chat.  
    the other two players I refer to are nearly as engaged.   Would like to move up.

    let me or us know. If f you have any questions, happy to answer them.
  • Wasted
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    Hey I've been playing MTGPQ for about three weeks now. And have yet to find an active enough alliemce for  me. I am highly dedicated to the events and don't seem to get any good rewards due to the lack of participation from other members. I am really excited about joining a top coalition.
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    @Wasted I sent you a PM.
  • GrizzoMtGPQ
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    @TheZorch I sent you a PM.
  • TheZorch
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    Responded and posted on Dsc
  • Azrul
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    Hey Zorch can you pm me? I can't pm.. cant find any pm button anywhere here
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    You have to go to your inbox @Azrul and message from there
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    HivAzrul.  Found the mag but couldn't get the pm function to work right on my phone.  Will try again from my desktop tomorrow.  Hang in there ;)    Was actually trying to rejoin salamander for a bit just to chat with you guys but I couldn't find the damn coalition on the search box 

    Sometimes for an engineer I can be awfully technically challenged 
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    Hi Azrul.  I pm's you, I think.  If you got it, follow the instructions.  

    Questions or peoblems, let's use this thread.

    you can pass the info on to Ashmard ( via pm please)
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    Check your pm's.
  • sigep0361
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    I am Gold Tier with 800+ unique cards, 4 PWs at 60 and several 50+. Finish in top 25 solo bracket and generally 1000+ on big coalition events. Looking for a top 50. 
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    We're still recruiting if you're looking for a home or want a more active coalition.
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    I am thinking about a new coalition.  One I'm on is normally between 25-50 & overall ranked in the top 45 however we have a few players who only do the minimum.

    I average 190+ on Hour & 1200+ on GP events normally closer to 1350.  20+ planswalkers & such.  I'm also platinum level

    If youre looking let me know.

  • GrizzoMtGPQ
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    We're looking for a few good players! Post here or PM me if you're interested.
  • Twofer
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    Ive been playing for a couple months now. Looking to get into a good coalition to help out with my deck-building. 
  • Darafayen
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    I've been playing this game for a long time now and i've played in an coalition for a long time. But after some time, it was just dying and I didn’t feel like playing anymore with them (and real-life became more demanding J ) so I left and started my own coalition so I could also participate with those events.

    Now it’s been 6 months or so and I notice that I play every event. So now I want in a dedicated coalition that ranks high so I can get those upper-coalition-rewards.

    I’m F2P, a Platinum player on all colors and have the following planewalkers (22, all max lvl)

    Chandra, Roaring Flame
    Chandra, Torch of Defiance
    Dovin Baan
    Elspeth, Sun’s Champion
    Garruk Wildspeaker
    Gideon, Ally of Zendikar
    Gideon, Battle-Forged
    Jace, Telepath Unbound
    Jace, Unraveler of Secrets
    Kiora, Master of the Depths
    Koth of the Hammer
    Liliana, Difiant Necromancer
    Liliana, the Last Hope
    Nahiri, the Harbinger
    Nissa, Sage Animist
    Nissa, Steward of Elements
    Nissa, Vital Force
    Ob Nixilis, Reignited
    Saheeli Rai
    Samut, the Tested
    Sorin, Grim Nemesis
    Tezzeret the Schemer

    I have 1180 cards atm:

    447 commons
    460 uncommons
    219 rares
    53 Mythics
    1 Masterpiece (I’ve been unlucky with my draws on that part)

    Besides from game-crashes I end up top 5 in most single-player events and I always get the max reward from all the events.

    I’ve been playing mtg since ’94 (also on competitive level) and I know how to build a deck, what works and what doesn’t, so I’m not looking for help in that regard (but tips are always welcome ofcource!)

    If you would have me that would be great! 
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best Regards,


  • sjechua
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    Calamity (Extinction's partner team) is looking for a few more good players. Think you have what it takes to make it into a Top 10 team, join Calamity today, for your chance! And if you have the Bolas for this weekend's Hour of Devastation :wink: You'll be in with a real shot at great rewards. If we happen to be full, message @GrizzoMtGPQ and he will find you a spot ... See you soon!
  • GrizzoMtGPQ
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    We could use a few good players! PM me or post here if you need a new home with a great crew.
  • JopeX37
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    Bumping this.  Extinction is actively recruiting players of all levels and abilities.  We're a friendly yet competetive bunch that will help you build decks and strategize for events.  Message me or @GrizzoMtGPQ if interested.
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    Are there any available spot in your coalition? Im an active player and wanted to join a group with active players thank you!