Ragnarok Math

If I had to pick one card I wanted more than any others, it would be ragnarok. If I refused to be patient and front the cash to buy it, how much would it cost?

Hero point packages
100 - ¢.99
600 - $4.99
2900 - $19.99
8500 - $49.99
20000 - $99.99

Iso-8 packages
500 - ¢.99
1500 - $4.99
3500 - $9.99
8000 - $19.99
25000 - $49.99

The current diabolical pack (1100hp) has a 20% chance of getting ragnarok. By probiblity, I need to buy it 10 times to get both ragnarok abilities.
1100hp x 10 = 11000hp
To raise a three star cover's abilities once cost 1250hp.
1250hp x 8 = 10000hp
Total hp needed = 21000 = 20000 pack + 600 pack + 600 pack =

Ragnarok comes at level 15 with a max at 115, I don't know the average amount of iso to raise him 1 level, but I feel like 600 is a low ball number.
600iso x 100 = 60000
Total iso needed = 60000 = 25000 pack + 25000 pack + 8000 pack + 1500 pack + 1500 pack =

Total amount for maxed out ragnarok =
Largest stock price for marvel entertainment per year: $54.03
First Apperance of ragnarok comic current ebay bid including shipping: $55.00
Buying skyrim when it came out and downloading 4 add on packs: $139.95


  • Nemek
    Nemek Posts: 1,511
    You don't flat out say it, but you imply that you think it's way too high.

    If the cost to acquire Ragnarok and completely max him out were a lot lower...then instead of seeing ~40ish really high-level Rags in the lightning tournaments, there would be hundreds. The divide between people who are pay players and f2p would increase even more than it is now, and would cause f2p players to leave in droves.

    (You're also WAY under on the amount of ISO needed to level Ragnarok, it's probably double that.)
  • I'm with you nemek, I think you make great points. I think the cost of ONE high level card is improportionately too high. I completely agree with your opinion of a flooded gap between paying and non-paying. I don't think the solution is giving the game away for nothing, but as a F2P player myself, I believe any game makers goal should be to make me want to spend cash. My example is extreme, but meant to illustrate that im not willing to drop a dime on this.
  • It is expensive and it should be. If everything would be easy to get, we would complete all characters in couple weeks and then start demanding new ones at rate impossible to satisfy.

    Personally, I don't have any Ragnarok cover and I doubt I will place high enough in Lightning round to get one today or tomorrow, but I am completely fine with it. At least I have something to play for.
    Another thing is that I understand that as F2P (so far) I will be behind people who chose to support the game and there is little I can do to overcome it now. However, levels are limited, so it might take me way longer, but I will at one point get what they get.