Space Gem Season Character Updates *Updated (8/23/17)

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Hi Everyone,

Starting with the Space Gem Season this Thursday 8/24, Mockingbird (Bobbi Morse) and Yondu (Awesome Mix Volume 2) will be entering Latest Status and Venom (Agent Venom) and Medusa (Inhuman Queen) will be transitioning to Vintage Status.

Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) and Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) will be receiving character updates this season. We will also be debuting an all-new way to test out your newly updated character including a way to earn an additional random cover for each character!

A preview of the character updates can be seen below:

Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)

Burning Rubber
The cost has been increased to 12 Green AP (from 7). Damage has been significantly increased, creates 2 friendly Attack tiles, and the AP cost of the power is reduced for each friendly Attack tile on the board (to a minimum of 6)

The cost has been increased to 9 Red AP (from 8). The power deals damage (plus additional damage if the enemy is a villain) and creates a Countdown tile. Each turn the Countdown tile creates 2 friendly Attack tiles.

Penance Stare
The cost has been decreased to 10 Black AP (from 12). No other changes have been made.

Kingpin (Wilson Fisk)

Wilson's Gambit
The cost has been increased to 8 Black AP (from 6). Damage has been increased. Remove a Friendly Countdown tile to deal damage to the enemy or if there are 3 or more friendly Countown tiles, remove 3 friendly Countdown tiles and deal enemy team damage instead.

The Fisk Defense
No changes have been made.

Maggia Pawns
The damage has been increased for each Maggia Thug Countdown created, and the duration of the Maggia Muscle and Maggia Hitman Countdown tiles has been decreased by 1.

System Reboot

An all-new Story event that will run alongside the normal Story events. Complete missions to earn Iso-8 and a random Ghost Rider and Kingpin cover!

Update: Added number charts.
Update 2: Clarified that damage increase for Maggia Pawns only applied to Maggia Thug tile.
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