Hazoret's Undying Fury


Here's a reminder of the card:
You fetch the first 4 spells of your library, reduce their cost to 0. Then, each card in your hand if fully drained of mana. This spell cannot fetch other copies of itself.

Am I missing something or is this card just awful? I tried a few decks with it and it literally ruined matches for me. Anyone else have luck with this card?


  • ThéséeThésée Posts: 127 Tile Toppler

    I don't have it yet but first thing that comes to mind is to use it with Approach of the Second Sun as the only other spell in the deck (or another powerful spell)

  • IM_CARLOSIM_CARLOS Posts: 70 Match Maker
    I don't have it, but I look forward to try it with Nahiri and 'Deploy the Gatewatch' as only other spell. Should work as cheaper Deploy (21 Mana instead of 23) an 12 Creatures instead of 3.
  • ThéséeThésée Posts: 127 Tile Toppler
    IM_CARLOS said:
    I don't have it, but I look forward to try it with Nahiri and 'Deploy the Gatewatch' as only other spell. Should work as cheaper Deploy (21 Mana instead of 23) an 12 Creatures instead of 3.
    That seems like the right use :-). I'm so happy Deploy is not Standard........
  • metafrostmetafrost Posts: 3 Just Dropped In
    Ah! Don't have either of those but that makes much more sense! And yu get very powerful results. I guess I'll keep winning those boosters and cross my fingers.

  • HypnoticSpecterHypnoticSpecter Posts: 113 Tile Toppler
    This plus Inferno Jet is pretty good, especially in an enraged match.
  • RhysMarkovRhysMarkov Posts: 120 Tile Toppler
    I got this last night and was trying various things with it... it's not reliable, but this with Stir The Sands and From Under The Floorboards can be fun when it works.
  • SarahschmaraSarahschmara Posts: 293 Mover and Shaker
    Im using it with season’s past in my legacy Samut. Fun stuff! But hand management is important! And it’s frustrating to watch a huge cascade fill everything after it just to be drained. 
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  • RhysMarkovRhysMarkov Posts: 120 Tile Toppler
    Right now it's my in my creatureless red/white ajani with approach of the second sun for the bolas node of RoGP. It's a treat to be watch it pull 4x approaches haha
  • FindingHeart8FindingHeart8 Posts: 27 Just Dropped In
    darn card only works half the time I cast it, pulling 0 - 2 spells instead of 4.

    However I do have the HUF with Deploy...and when it actually works...it is beautiful :smiley:
  • KresgwyrKresgwyr Posts: 13 Just Dropped In
    So, last week, I draw Approach of the Second Sun. And the first thing I thought was "wow, I can't wait to try that out this we on Bolas, combined with HUF" :p .

    I know that HUF can be sometimes unreliable. I was prepared for some "misfires".

    But man, I was not ready to see it pulls 0 spells, two or three times in a row ... I thought I was going to go through Bolas much faster, but I was so wrong.... I used this red/white combo deck three times on Bolas, each time the first two casts of HUF went fine, and after that it was just misfire after misfire after misfire ... until the game finally decided I had suffered enough to get me a perfect cast with 4 copies of Approach to end the game.

    Next timer, I'll go back to my utterly boring creatureless Ob (faster, and much more reliable).

    HUF is a pretty fun card to play around with, but please FIX IT ! 

  • Mainloop25Mainloop25 Posts: 1,190 Chairperson of the Boards
    Other than its bug, it's an amazing card. Even though it isn't supposed to fetch copies of itself, it still will and come up with nothing instead. It does need the right combo of cards. My favorite use is with Samut and green spells. Red/White Deploy/Approach combos are always great as well. 
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