Match-6 Super-Crit Tile Needed!

So a Match-4 clears the row/col and a Match-5 makes a critical tile.

However, there have been times that I have been lucky enough to do a Match-6. In fact, I just had one in the last round - and that is the reason I'm bringing this up.

The three types of match-6 I've encountered have looked like this:

*Note the one on the right just happened and it was the only time I have ever seen it. It happened after a C.Storm Lightning Storm that caused a 4-match to fill in on top of 2 tiles of the same color. The one on the left I see the most out of the three - the middle one not so much.

Why does the "reward" (not sure what else to call it) stop at Match-5? The only slight change to the that I have seen is that the match on the left (see above picture) has a Crit Tile and a Row/Col clear. Kinda cool... but...

Since a Match-6 is much harder - why not reward us? Make it a "Super Critical" tile that when matched deals the same damage as a regular critical but would do one of the folowing (Dev's choice):

- Extra turn when used
- Can be placed wherever the player wants
- Explodes when used and destroys a 3x3 area around it (once all tiles have settled)
- Heals entire team (except downed) for XX% of max health
- Generates 5 AP of every color when created (but then functions like a regular crit tile)
- Clears both the Row and Column of the critical tile when created (but then functions like a regular crit tile)

So what do ya'll think? If we get the chance to pull off a uber-hard combo, we should be rewarded for it!!! icon_e_biggrin.gif