Exile Animation

We have a nice little explosion for when a creature dies to a spell or damage, but Exile just whisks them away. Its almost too fast to comprehend! Maybe some sort of fade-out animation.


Similarly, maybe some sort of blue splash animation for returning a creature to opponents hand?


  • AbenjesAbenjes Age Unconfirmed Posts: 253 Mover and Shaker
    I actually like the fact they just disappear, definitely strikes me as how exile should work. they are there, then they are just gone.
  • andrewvanmarleandrewvanmarle Posts: 727 Critical Contributor
    I agree, i like thatbthey just cease to be, its almost dismissive
  • IM_CARLOSIM_CARLOS Posts: 640 Critical Contributor
    I don't need another animation, but an exile stack would be nice. same for graveyard.
    Animation make the game laggy (factory token, or energize anyone).
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