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Thanks you for all your no creature deck!

ipapotihusipapotihus Posts: 35Age Unconfirmed Just Dropped In
I just wanna say thanks you for all your no creature deck! 

The AI are unable to play them right and it's pretty much a walk in the park in ''pvp''.


  • DoomstatDoomstat Posts: 112 Tile Toppler
    edited August 2017
    I would agree with you, but it becomes boring after the second or third event. If I weren't trying to platinum my black and green I'd be much less enthused about the easy button, but it is making it easier on that front.
    I am having issues seeing full pages on this site. D3 legals, press and career keeps the bottom half of the page blocked. Any suggestions?
  • GormhausGormhaus Posts: 118 Tile Toppler
    Its true. My ob deck would only be able to do damage via aetherflux reservoir if he never got to his ultimate. It would just be a lot of creature destruction and cycling.
  • BlessedOneBlessedOne Posts: 39
    edited August 2017
    I ran into this last night. I couldn't complete the objective of killing 3 or more opponent's creatures since the opposing deck played none. Obvs, it was supposed to cycle cards for drakes. The opposing deck only gained mana and drew cards. It was a good deck if the AI could have played it right.
  • SteemeSteeme Posts: 784Age Unconfirmed Critical Contributor
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