Jace's Ingenuity Revives Farm [Solved]

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As in the title, if your Farm was destroyed more recently than any spell you've cast, Ingenuity will return Farm, and not the most recent spell.  Granted, I haven't done a ton of testing - I don't know if Market needs to be available, or if it works with other Supports.  Oh and returning Farm does remove the ability to trigger Market, as I suppose it should.  (Things like that would be a bit more clear if one could see the graveyard.)

And I mean sure, I guess Farm is actually an Instant in real MtG, so an ability like Ingenuity would be able to grab Farm.  But Jace's Ingenuity is just a spell that draws cards in real MtG, so I think that argument is moot.

Also I know it's not the first Ingenuity bug posted, but I only saw posts about it having a buggy interaction with Helm of the Gods, not about it grabbing the wrong card.

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  • Brigby
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    Hi @Nightchime. That's peculiar that it's returning Farm, since it's a Support card, and not a Spell. (Albeit Market is)

    I'll pass this information along to the developers, and they'll investigate.
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    This behaviour is correct. The way MTGPQ works is that Market is a spell (and that is the card it "sees" into your graveyard... not Farm). Regardless of how Farm would end up into your graveyard, it "flips" into Market. That's how Aftermath works.

    - Starfield of Nyx does not return it back to the battlefield even if it's your only card in your graveyard (since it's NOT a support there)
    - Ingenuity will return it to your hand from your graveyard and give it mana (since it's a spell) - and when it returns to your hand, it flips as a "Farm" again.

    These Support/Spell hybrid cards might seem confusing at first, but they're really cool actually.
    The ruling here that applies is very similar to how double-faced cards work in paper magic. A peculiar card you might want to read about there is Startled Awake (sorcery) // Persistent Nightmare (creature). In this case, you have a sorcery that then is put into your graveyard transformed as a creature. Pretty neat design!
  • Brigby
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    Yup! Tilwin90 hit the nail on the head.

    While Farm is indeed a Support, Market is a Spell, so Ingenuity would return Market. Since Market is the Aftermath side of the card though, Farm is returned instead.