MtGPQ Suggestion.. hide events feature.

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I've been playing Magic Puzzle Quest  for a while and hope I can add a suggestion to the developers.

On the [Events] screen... would it be possible to create a little slidebar next to each event which will minimise it to just the title information.. like a 'Hide Event' button.

Some events are open for 3 days which I can finish in about 45 mins... then I'm stuck with the event for the next 3 days.

It'd be nice to hide events that are complete.. or ones you have no interest in.. every time a new event starts.. it's default setting is maximised until a player chooses to hide it.. or unhide  it.

Hope this helps


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  • Sorin81Sorin81 Posts: 479 Mover and Shaker

    Not a bad suggestion. Never have much thought to the lingering events, just choose to ignore them when I was done with them.

    For future reference, Magic the Gathering Puzzle Quest acronym is MtGPQ. MPQ is used for Marvel Puzzel Quest. 
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