Dormammu's Guide to Mixing Life with MPQ

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Life has a way of intruding on our wants and desires. There are days when we'd all like to wake up in the morning, park ourselves on the couch, and play Marvel Puzzle Quest while watching Seinfeld reruns and eating Cheetos all day. But things like school, jobs, careers, family, and mowing the lawn tend to get in the way of that. Therefore I have come up with this extremely useful list of ways to optimize your time, enabling you to do things like hit max progression in PvE without completely ignoring the rest of your life.

(Important note: most of these tips assume you are a mobile player. For you STEAM users... sorry!)

1. Make some children - kids really come in handy when you need to play some Marvel Puzzle Quest. You can volunteer to take them to soccer practice and then when they're out on the field running around you can sit in the bleachers (or in your minivan) and squeeze in a few matches. You can also put your little ones to work! Doing the easy nodes in PvE or the 1 and 2-star nodes in DDQ every day can get tedious - make your kids do those. They love playing on electronic devices and will never complain.

2. The bathroom is your friend - there's no better time than private time to play some MPQ. Most women spend a lot of time in the bathroom anyway, so your husband will never know the difference if you take 15 minutes extra to make your progression climb in PvP. And for you fella's out there, just tell everyone you feel a #2 coming along; no one will want to go anywhere near the bathroom for a while (just make sure you remember to make some grunting noises as you do your 5th and 6th sub clears).

3. Get a desk job - If you work in construction or as a Wall-mart greeter it's going to be tough to get away with playing Marvel Puzzle Quest on the job. But office employees are always looking at their phones! No one is going to question you staring at your phone for five minutes while you check to see if you have any PvP retaliations to tend to; they'll think you're simply checking your email or texting an important vendor. (If you can, get an IT job - it's expected that they'll have their noses buried in a phone all day.)

4. Ditch your other hobbies - if you play a musical instrument or if you're on the local softball team, you need to quit all that. There's no time to tend to your stamp collection when you're 7 points out of a top 10 finish with only seven minutes left in the event.

5. Start smoking - or at least, let people think you've taken up the habit. You can slip away from all sorts of time consuming activities like work or family reunions with one simple excuse - you need to go outside and have a heater! It doesn't matter if you actually smoke or not, the important thing is that you'll have 10-15 minutes away from prying eyes to login and get your daily ISO bonus.

6. Maximize your sick time - a couple of days before a new release event make sure you hint that you feel something coming on to your coworkers. Cough a few times in front of your boss. Wrinkle up a bunch of tissues and leave them in your desk waste basket. This way no one will suspect that you are perfectly healthy while grinding nodes to get the latest 4-star release.

I hope this list has been helpful. If you have any more tips you'd like to add, please share them below!


  • SpringSoldier
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    About the bathroom thing: make sure you check the Internet connection in the company's toilet before accepting a new job. And make sure you have your own office. I recommend accounting, since you probably already practiced more than enough math and statistics with this game.

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    Also make sure you get a job with a long commute. 

    Let your driver's license expire so you never waste time driving a vehicle when you could be a passenger playing MPQ.
  • Dormammu
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    Also make sure you get a job with a long commute. 

    Let your driver's license expire so you never waste time driving a vehicle when you could be a passenger playing MPQ.
    How far is your commute?

    Only about 5-10 minutes.

    Oh, that's way too close.
  • alaeth
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    My office has Sit/Stand desks... for lightning rounds, I put it to standing height so ppl can't see my screen as easily.

    We also have "quiet rooms" and "walking stations" on a different floor than my team - perfect for quick shield hops!
  • Jaedenkaal
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    mexus said:
    Live alone, don't have a job, don't have hobbies.
    That doesn't seem to meet the (low) bar of mixing "life" with MPQ. Existence, perhaps.
  • dragonreader
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    I made a kid, but now I have to watch her.  She's too young for soccer (18 months).  So no MPQ until after she sleeps  B)
  • Magic
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    Dragonreader - I know the pain (similar age). What you need is the "long walks". I put my kid in a stroller on weekends and off I go. It's inevitable she will fall to sleep. You find a nice quite corner of the park and you have an hour to play (sometimes more). Sure - it only works on weekends but still adds a bit extra playing time. If you try it during the week after work it will create problems (like a kid running around the house till midnight - no playing time there at all). Rain can be an issue but I remember standing under a big tree once to finish the clear before I've strolled back home in a heavy rain so nothing is impossible.

    I sense however that the "strolling" days will soon be over and I will have to find another way.... 

    The other options mention in OP - all valid points. I may add that I have volunteered to wake to older kid to school (she leaves about 45 minutes before I have to get up for work... sick school planning). But since the change of scaling in PvE I no longer have to use such dramatic methods. 

  • Hendross
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    7. Get a dog - Coincidentally the Daily Deadpool Quest takes exactly 1 walk around the block.  This is a great time to exercise Thanos and Fido.
  • dragonreader
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    Hey Magic,

    Yeah the long walks used to work as my daughter loves to be outside.  Problem is after she learned to walk she hates the stroller.  

    I have taken up insomnia :)

    Seriously the last two nights I was on a roll and played until close to 3:00 AM.

    Another good trick is convince your wife to drive everywhere.  I get a lot of play time in during our commute.

  • AardvarkPepper
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    i lol'd :D

    but then I started thinking :#

    some of these tips are pretty good :o