Characters with the most realistic chance of being added to MPQ in 2017

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So I was thinking about which characters might have a realistic chance of showing up in MPQ in the short term and wondered what the forum thinks? I've posted my ideas below and I doubt we will get ALL of them but they seem like a reasonable bet in some cases. Be free to add others or say why you think a character is probably not gonna happen.



Yondu (Awesome Mix Vol.2) 4*

Thor 5* (Ragnarok)

Hela (Ragnarok) 4*

Shocker (Spider-man: Homecoming) 4*

Valkyrie 4* (Ragnarok)



 Jessica Jones (Defenders) 4*

Daredevil 4* or 5* (Matt Murdock)

Maximus (Inhuman) 5*

One of Gorgon/Triton/Crystal (Inhuman) 4*


Comic Books

 Hulk 4* (Planet Hulk) (But could be Ragnarok version)

Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) 5*

Captain America (Secret Empire) 5*

Nico Minoru (Runaways) 4*

America Chavez (America) 4*



 Lockjaw 4*


Big Tease

 Dazzler (She has a one shot coming out…)


  • heybubheybub Posts: 247 Tile Toppler
    My guess would be that Marvel would push their Movies/TV shows.  My guess would be...

    1) Inhumans (maxiumus/titan/crystal/Gorgon) to coincide with the new TV series
    2) Thor Ragnorak (Hela/Valkyrie/Thor)
    3)  DareDevil
    4)  Shocker (to help with the sinister 6)
    5)  Jessica Jones
    6) Yondu

    Whether these are 4* or 5* would be a total guess on my part.  

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    For Inhumans, my first guess would be 4* Karnak, but I would get a giggle out of an anniversary 4* Lockjaw.
    For Thor, I'd expect 5* Thor (Odinson)
    For Defenders, 5* Daredevil (Matt Murdock), then 4* Jessica Jones as second most likely.
    GotG, we're already expecting Yondu on Thursday.  News will hopefully drop on Marvel news Tuesday.
    With all the Spideys already in game, and the apparent allergy the devs have to putting a specific character in all 5 tiers, we'll either get 4* Shocker, 4* Prowler, or something unrelated. Oh, or The Tinkerer as a support character.
    Hela could get a DVD release for Thor.
    Also, Nova (Richard Rider) is back in comics I believe?
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    MCU tie-ins I think are easy.

    5* Daredevil for Defenders, 5* Thor for Ragnarok, 4* Hulk/Loki for Ragnarok, Maximus/Lockjaw for an Inhumans tie-in.

    Need a Punisher tie-in, could be a 5* Punisher? Not sure who else will be in the show worth making into a character, honestly.

    Hela is more likely to be a boss, in my personal opinion, and if past releases have shown us anything, we won't get Valkyrie until the DVD release of Ragnarok, and Jessica Jones until her second season next year (which is stupid, but whatever).

    I went with Lockjaw over other Inhumans simply because he's the one you see most-requested. I'd put him over Maximus if not for how the show teasers tend to focus on Maximus (which would make Maximus the better marketing tie-in).

    I bet we'll get a classic X-Men member sometime this year. Angel, Nightcrawler, Gambit, Rogue, Emma Frost, etc. They've dropped vague hints that they were aware people kept asking for them, and they've said they were working on it, and it's been long enough that I imagine we have to be getting close to whatever had them confident enough to comment on X-Men at all being close to ready for the game.

    For comic tie-ins, I could see something related to the new Marvel Legacy stuff. Like, Sam Wilson is back to being the Falcon, and not Captain America, so the new version of him (or maybe just launch an MCU 5* around the time the comic comes out). Or maybe someone like Kitty. (I'd say Cable, but I suspect we won't see him until closer to Deadpool 2) Maybe a grey She-Hulk 4*?

    And there's Venomverse, too. Venom versions of Captain America, Gwenpool, Deadpool, Ghost Rider, X-23, Old Man Logan, Punisher,
  • DAZ0273DAZ0273 Posts: 4,015 Chairperson of the Boards
    Good call on Hela as a boss - a special Thor event would be very nice, especially if they themed part around Planet Hulk (sort of like a Gauntlet run to boss Hulk maybe?) and then part in battling against Hela.
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