New Story ideas

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I've been playing MPQ for over a year now and it hasn't escaped my notice that there are a finite amount of stories. It gets a little old, fighting the same battles, against the same enemies over and over again when there is a larger selection of enemies to fight. I would love to see more alternate stories with, and this is the kicker, different enemies. Variety is the spice of life after all.

On that note I would like to offer a couple suggestions for new "stories" to shake things up:

How about a survival mode where you fight your way up through the roster in one sitting (with different stages... say goons, then one stars, two stars etc) offering prize bonuses based on how far you get.

How about random "attacks". This is to say "the hulk is on the loose" or something where you have a random chance for him to interrupt a fight, or appear directly after a fight, forcing you to fight a buffed version of the character in question for a bonus reward.

It's only two ideas and they are incomplete, I know, but here I am with Rocket and Groot for what It hink might be the 20th time since I started and I'd love to see more of something different.
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