Return of the God Pharoah - Nicol Bolas

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Figured I'd post this up in here for people looking for help with dealing with the new fight.

Nicol Bolas's deck in 3.3

Hour of Devastation
Inferno Jet
Torment of Hailfire
Swarm Intelligence
Hour of Glory
Kefnet's Last Word
Hazoret's Undying Fury
Imminent Doom
Wildfire Eternal

He only has the single creature. The rest of his deck is either direct PW damage, or built to exile/take control of creatures and deal damage to you by doing so. There are currently 5 known methods of taking him down effectively.

1. Black creatureless with Faith of the Devoted and cycling. Any black Planeswalker will work here though Ob Nixilus with his ultimate and Tezz 2 with access to New Perspectives are ideal for it. Bring 1 removal and then just focus on cycling and/or direct damage cards.

2. Red creatureless with a deck full of direct damage spells/supports. Any red Planeswalker will work here though Chandra 1 actually shines with her loyalty ability and as always, Koth and Saheeli with their mana. Bring at least 1 support removal to deal with Imminent Doom.

3. Gideon 3. Use Lifelink creatures (Cats, War Oracle, etc.) and just pump out his 3rd ability whenever Bolas exiles them. He's essentially the only Planeswalker that can face him with creatures and not get destroyed.

4. Dynavolt Tower. Just build a creatureless deck around Dynavolt Tower.

5. White creatureless with Approach of the Second Sun. A Dovin Baan cycle deck could likely do this the quickest.

*Updated* - Added the Approach of the Second Sun method.


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    Last time I fought 3.3, made a mistake and played it with my Ajani 1 deck. I won it.

    Casted black vise in the very first moment of the fight and a creature. After IA killed my creature with its first ability I decided not to cast anymore and use my killing spell, Ajani's second ability and support remover spell and I won getting much more fun and more sure than when I have used Dovin cycling deck.

    I am planing to change my Ajani 1 deck to beat 3.3 easier and faster to the next time using also Approach of the Second Sun as you said.
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    I was thinking approach of the second sun in
    a sorin deck with faith of the devoted and other
    direct damage.
    also those haste and die at the end of your turn
    creatures could work well if anyone can find any
    standard legal ones.

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    There is Riddleform
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    Actually I win with Dovin Cycle Deck added with Procession for faster creature recover after loyalty effect hit in.
    Way faster than creatureless I think, but maybe I try creaturess next time
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    I use Chandra 1 creatureless. It definitely takes some time, but I play with Trial/Cartouche of Zeal for lack of better direct damage.