Please explain converged mana?

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I have a card with converged mana and i dont understand how i'm supposed to trigger the converged mana ability? Can someone please explain converged mana and what are its benefits? Thank you.


  • Laeuftbeidir
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    Converged mana = mana of different colors. The benefits.. Well.. It triggers the converge ability, but there is a reason it was no big success. Story mode tutorial should explain it as well!
  • Slypenslyde
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    Let's say you need 12 mana to cast the card.

    You could match all White icons. That would be Converge 1.  But if you match some White and some Red icons, that's Converge 2. Every color that was used to produce mana for the matches adds to the converge count. The card itself helps you track this, the icon has a live counter that shows you the number of colors it's received (but, unfortunately, not the colors.)

    So cheap converge cards are worse, because in general you'll get 3 mana from any match so a 6-mana card is at best Converge 2. But expensive 15+ mana cards are bad because they're expensive. So I usually treat all of my converge cards like they're going to get "Converge 2". Sometimes I'll do better, but not often.