5* roster help

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I finally got my second fully covered 5*. My OML has been champed for ages and all my others have a scattered amount of covers and not really useable or close to.  I just got Hawkeye fully covered and I have the ISO to max level/champ. 
I've heard the horror stories of scaling and MMR with more than 1 champed 5. My question is should I go for it with Hawkeye or wait until I have more then just the 2. I could also wait for the SCR scaling and see how it works there. 
I should add I have almost all 4's champed except the newest releases. 
Any help and advice would be appreciated. 


  • Phumade
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    This is where you really have to look at your roster and give it some thoughts.  OML/HE is a  reasonable 5* pair because you've got 5/6 colors covered.  But having only 2 5* means 1 of them will always be limping.

    Do you have 4* support chars that can match well with your 5*?,  OML really wants a clagger as a B Team partner.  HE adores coulson.   There are quite few 4* who can synergize with either OML or HE.  

    If your not in a position where you can chase the 5*,  Give some real thought to how your 4* roster will work with OML/HE.  If you have lots of good synergy  then its perfectly reasonable to start with 2 5* champs.

    But if you don't have good 4* supports, your gonna be forced to continually play oml/he together and devour your Heath packs.

    With good support chars,  you can do alot of early climbing play with your 4* support and then go dual 5* for the last few matches.

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    Getting a second 5* champed will definitely change your scaling and mmr. HE is fun, but the matches take forever. Going through the Dark Avengers was a real bummer. it literally doubled my pve grind. 
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    if they introduce scl based scaling id say go for it, if they dont do it, you are better off with just one champ 5*