Token/CP advice and Peggy!

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Hey all,

So my Peggy is currently 1/3/5 and I love using her and I know she's one of the best 4*s. I was thinking of putting her as my bonus hero and at some point pulling all my earned LTs, bought Classics, Heroic (and 10pks), and post-event tokens.

Do you think this is a good idea? If so, how many tokens of each/CP would you suggest I wait to pull for?

Or should I just use 240 CP to buy 2 red covers for her and then pull all the tokens I have trying to pull two more red or yellow covers?

OR should I pull tokens with Peggy as my bonus hero until I am down to 240 CP and then if I haven't gotten 2 more red, buy two red?

I have over 300 Sweet tacos and almost 150 Savory tacos and I will absolutely pull the DDQ vault for a red Peggy. Would you also say I should do this if it's a yellow Peggy?

Do we know when Peggy's crash is coming up again?

My next Peggy cover from Psylocke's champ rewards is a blue, so I won't push her at all since it would be a trash cover.

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make her my next priority of the vaulted characters. I figure I would do one 4* at a time and she is my next top one. Let me know if you need anymore info to help with this decision.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


  • FokaiHI
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    Take your time. Set her as your bonus and move on. I would just wait it out. It sounds like you're still in 3* land. I f you were 4* heavy and getting ready to move, then blow your hoard. Otherwise, roster everyone for ddq and pve. This way you may progress at the same time. Peggy is awesome, but this game moves faster than we progress.