Option to turn off animations

atmosvere Posts: 30 Just Dropped In
I would like to see an option for turning off animations during battles.  I don't need to see Daken's animation every time a green match is made.  It slows down the game soooo much.  I'm a daily grinder, but free time for gameplay is sometimes limited.  It would help out greatly if I didn't have to sit through all of the monotonous animations (and really waste a lot time).  In fact, anything that would speed up the game would be welcomed.


  • Pogo
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    I would like this feature too, and it's been suggested many times. Unfortunately, it's unlikely to be implemented. Faster battles would have a huge effect on the PVP ecosystem, and probably at least some effect on PVE. On top of that, pay-to-win games typically want to keep players locked in sessions as long as possible.

    So while it would be a major quality-of-life improvement, I wouldn't count on seeing it anytime soon.
  • atmosvere
    atmosvere Posts: 30 Just Dropped In
    MPQ - Many thanks for making this change. It speeds up gameplay and is greatly appreciated when going through final clears on pve. However, it now exposes another bottleneck. This is ultra picky, but any chance you could speed up the ascent of hit points off of attack tiles?  Again, I can't express enough appreciation for adding the option for turning off animations.
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