13 Days to Champ Medusa

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Here's where I'm at right now. I didn't play super hard in the Enemy of the State at first, but I've been logging every day and collecting all the tokens at the bare minimum. I had 7 stockpiled from the last time, and I'm now at 24. I have 88774 points in the event total, 23760 for the current (last) sub-event. I've hit each node four times and am letting the points reset before I clear them out tomorrow. (I'm in the one that ends at 3PM I think). My medusa is at 5/3/3 right now, and since I got the Purple/Yellow reward I know have one Yellow cover sitting on the vine.

The race is on.

My question is, do I pop my tokens? I'm sitting on 1725 HP, and I'm tempted to just buy the other 2k I'd need for the H4H. I tend to open my DDQ tokens because hey, I like to live dangerously. I haven't gotten Medusa out of that vault yet. I have 21 CP, and I don't think I'm going to get enough event points to snag the massive 55 points from getting the final reward in the event. Depending on how CP is going to be given out in the next event, I can see myself earning about 50 cp before this cover expires, possibly a bit more if I grind some PvP. So the second question would be, should I try and grind out that CP? Medusa *is* in the classic tokens right now, so I feel like I could try my luck that way too.

If I get the 2 purples, I should have enough ISO to champ her in time. I did just spend a whole bunch champing 4* Captain Marvel, but in a week and a half I can *easily* stockpile what I'd need, I think. (I only have 23k right now, and she's at 229).

What to do, what to do?

Oh, I also set Medusa as my only 4* favourite and KK as my only 3* favourite, although that's probably a **** shoot, since I'd need 22 covers to get the red one...


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    Let me try to sum up. Your Medusa is 5-3-3 after the covers from EotS event and you have one cover on the vine.

    You only have 1 day to decide on the store and Medusa might be worth it (i love her - so much fun to play). But you lack almost 2k HP so there is no way to do it outside of paying money. Is it worth it? Maybe. You have to pay about 20$ to get the needed HP. I am not sure where you are with paying for the game. Might look at it as paying the fee for a console game (still on the cheaper side).

    With that done you are looking at making 100 CP in 13 days. Sounds fairly easy (it can be done in half that time). So you can buy the final cover with CP and champion your Medusa.

    The second option is trying to get 220 CP in 13 days and I doubt it's possible if you don't hit 1200 in PvP on regular basis (we are looking at about 50 per week from max PvE progression, 4 per day from DDQ and PvE and 10 CP every 3 days from PvP = about 140 in two weeks. Even if you add some champ rewards - not going to be enough to buy two covers with CP. If you add the fact that the next event is a boss event (less iso and CP) it sounds doubtful.

    Of course you might get lucky and pull the final cover from the Spider event token you might get or from other tokens. But the crucial decision is the 20$ to start the process.

    I am not sure I would do it - I've decided a while ago not to spend on this game. The medusa cover will come sooner or later (she is in the tokens for another 2-3 months) so you might just decided to sell the cover on the vine and move on.

    If you decide not to spend the money don't sell the cover right away. Wait till it's about to expire and keep hoarding iso just in case. You should have 150-180 CP by that time (and probably a couple of Latest legendary tokens). It's 9 pulls from the classics - there is a chance you can get the missing covers then (again - logic applies. if you have 180 cp pull the classics. in case you get medusa in first 3 pulls spend the 120 CP on the cover rather then pulling till the end to limit the RNG).

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    You've got it. I'm not against dropping the $20; I have spent money on this game before, usually $20 at a time. I think based on what you've said I'll not spend the money this time and hoard my cp, maybe try to grind a bit harder to get either the big PvE rewards or some more PvP ones. 

    I guess I should keep hoarding my EotS tokens? Next time the event rolls around I'll probably have closer to the max...
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    Not worth it imo. That's just a lot of resources (both in-game and real life) when you're two covers away for a latest and only have one on the vine for a character that is not leaving the pool any time soon.
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    Yeah, I hear ya. No harm in hoarding until it's about to expire anyways; the only thing I can spend ISO on right now is leveling my 5 stars (who are all under-covered anyways) or my 2 stars I'm currently cycling. $20 for one cover doesn't feel worth it, so if I have to sell it when the day comes, I'll probably just do that. Here's hoping if nothing else, it shows up in tokens before then. She'd by my fifth champed 4* (the others being IW, XFW, Captain Marvel and Thor)
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    Oh, hey, got a red cover in a heroic token. Sittin' on 100k ISO, and hoping for some more luck :D
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    Okay, awesome. I'm sitting on 120 cp now, so if anything pops up in the mean time, great, if not, I'm prepared!
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    Sounds like a good plan.
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    Final update: Got frustrated during the Blade pvp and decided to just buy the last cover with my cp. Opened the legendary token, got a Medusa cover, which triggered my favourites thing and gave me a second one. Woulda been better if that was off of a token I didn't pay for, but still, not bad!
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    I'm trying to hoard 120 cp as well, since my Medusa is at 5/2/5 and I have 3 covers on the vine. The first one expires in 5 days and I have only 71 cp, hopefully Venom bomb will bring me 37 cp. As for the other 12, I'm putting my faith in DDQ, my alliance, my championed 2 and 3* and maybe on PVP, but since it will come with a new character release, it's gonna be a bloodbath. Wishing luck to myself!
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    Wishing you luck as well! You can do it!
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    I am in a similar situation wth Medusa. I have 5/3/4 Medusa with a yellow cover wasting away (I think 2-3 days left). I will hit 120 Command Points today (I am at 119 before starting today's Venom Bomb). 

    Until now I've been blowing my CP 20 at a time on legendary tokens, but I've been a bit weary of that right now because I have so many 4*'s with 5 covers (in addition to Medusa's 5, I have a 5/1/5 Blade and a 5/2/5 Agent Venom); I worry I'll just get more covers I can't use.

    120 CP for one cover seems absurd, but... well... should I just bite the bullet and buy Medusa's 13th cover? 
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    120 seems a bit rough, but that extra 100 is your guarantee that you'll get what you want versus playing the odds. Unless there's a reason you need to champ her right away, I'd follow the advice I've received and wait until the cover you have is about to expire; you might open the correct one from another token, especially if you get another LT somehow.
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    Nice! Good pull!
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    How are people doing this? I have been playing for a year and a half and have no Champed 4 stars, I play pretty tough every day.
  • TPF AlexisTPF Alexis Posts: 3,813 Chairperson of the Boards
    How are people doing this? I have been playing for a year and a half and have no Champed 4 stars, I play pretty tough every day.
    7 Clears. Every Node, every day. 575 in every PvP. Got me to my first 4* champ a bit after Day 180.
  • StickStick Age Unconfirmed Posts: 146 Tile Toppler
    I haven't always gone as hard; I've been playing around 3 years now. The game has changed a lot in that time. In any case, if you don't wanna drop cash into the game, you've gotta put effort into it. Being a part of an alliance helps. Knowing when to open tokens can also help. Alexis has it right. To clarify, for PvE figuring out how long it takes to clear everything helps. If you can do 4 clears of everything, then come back before the event is over and do 3 more clears that's generally the best. In any case, your goal is to reach max progression in the highest SCL you can access/handle. When it comes to PvP, getting those 10 cp is good; once you get there, gauge if you can push further for the other rewards. Sometimes you might surprise yourself.
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    How are people doing this? I have been playing for a year and a half and have no Champed 4 stars, I play pretty tough every day.
    I've only been playing since January, and I've just got my first two champed 4*'s (Medusa and Carol). I do play every day, and I try to maximize my events as much as I can (6-7 runs on every mode almost every day in PVE and the 575 point theshold in PVP events to get the 10 CP). Even then, I really only have been paying attention to PVP for the last month or two... I used to be almost exclusively PVE. 

    I mean, a lot of it IS luck. There's no question there. I got really lucky and got a wide variety of Carol and Medusa covers when I got my 4* covers. But then again, I've had 8 blue Riri Williams covers compared to only 3 COMBINED between Green/Red (5/2/1 with three blue covers that have died over time). 
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