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Lay Claim

Started using this card and all kinds of bugs are happening. Exhibit A:

There are 4 1/1 warrior tokens from the ai's loyalty ability in that blank space under the sphinx.

Exhibit B: https://youtu.be/LAEj1EAUEE4 I casted lay claim on the angel which was in their 3rd slot. I don't remember the ordering of the other 2 cards but I'm pretty sure retainer was #1 and the tokens were #2. Angel gets removed by my spell (or so it appears), the other guys move up for some reason (funky musical chairs like this seems to happen when things get destroyed and then a card with targetting comes after too). When I click on the retainer to destroy them the game selects the tokens. When I click on the tokens it appears to deselect them but it is actually selecting the angel I claimed, with no indication at all. Clicking on the space under the retainer does nothing.


  • LaeuftbeidirLaeuftbeidir Posts: 753 Critical Contributor
    I know this bug, faced it a couple of times even before lay claim was introduced..also, I haven't encountered it with lay claim yet, btw.
    You don't need Beta-testers when you have a community!

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