MtGPQ Sneak Peek: July 2017 Edition *Updated (7/25/17)



  • Szamsziel
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    Why hours of starting events had changed? Is it temporary change or permanent ?
  • Thésée
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    Brigby said:
    Magic: Puzzle Quest Sneak Peek: Upcoming In July, 2017

    Upcoming Events:
    Trial of the Planes
     - Every Weekday
    • Color Order: White, Blue, Black, Red, Green
    • Opt-In Time: 2:00am UTC
    • Start Time: 8:00am UTC
    • End Time: 6:00am UTC
    Hour of Revalation *New Update*
    • Deck Restrictions: Origins, Kaladesh, Aether Revolt, Amonkhet, Hour of Devastation
    • Opt-In Time: 7/26/17 11:00am UTC
    • Start Time: 7/26/17 5:00pm UTC
    • End Time: 7/28/17 3:00pm UTC
    Emrakul's Corruption *New Update*
    • Deck Restrictions: None
    • Opt-In Time: 7/29/17 2:00am UTC
    • Start Time: 7/29/17 8:00am UTC
    • End Time: 7/31/17 6:00am UTC

    Apparently the timing change for Emrakul's Corruption was intended
  • Szamsziel
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    I know that I'm asking for a rationality of such change. Fate and revolt also started earlier than normally. 
  • babar3355
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    You guys tailor made the event for L3... I mean the one node we haven't played is zombie oriented.    Please don't cheap out and give us RotGP when we are hoping for L3's ToS.
  • Brigby
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    Hi Everyone. You can find the August 2017 Sneak Peek thread HERE