Anyone sell a 5* for easier difficulty? What was it like?

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So I've got a 390 (405) HE, 390 OML, 375 phx, then 300 strange and 300 bolt (rest default).

I did the hoard thing for hawkeye and I love it, but since rostering ock, my difficulty jumped again. Frankly, didn't expect that. Now, it's not unmanageable, but it makes playing with lesser teams in pve a lot less fun. I am primarily a pve player, and I was wondering if I considered selling some chaff or possibly my phx as she is poorly covered even though I like her. I could also raise hawkeye to 405, but I decided to softcap @ 390.

So did anyone sell a 5*? What kind of reduction did you notice, or do you regret it?


  • bobby_2613
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    With SCL scaling coming I wouldn't sell anyone.  But that's only me.
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    This was a much easier question back when 5 stars were first released. 

    When surfer was first released, I grabbed two blues pretty quickly. Was under a year of playing and really didn't understand scaling back then. Leveled him to 270 and it wrecked my scaling with undeveloped max covered 3s, no champing system back then. 

    I struggled for a few months jean and oml were released in that period. 

    I ended up having to sell that surfer to make the game playable again. Kept lone jean because well, jean. Sold off a couple of oml, noams, and bssm covers during that period though.

    I really ended up regretting selling all those covers once my roster developed. My Surfer would be at 8 covers now, no an at 7, and bssm at 6.

    Like the previous poster said, with the new scaling coming, this problem will hopefully solve itself...

    but yeah, I would say perseverance is the best approach right now.
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    I sold off my 5*s after I made my recent lengthy rant-post about how the 5* tier is plagued with issues. I never mid-leveled mine like you, though - I went straight from "not high enough to affect scaling" to "three at level 450." PVE scaling didn't bother me, but PVP was just not enjoyable, and it's the main reason I play.

    PVP has become fun again - I can float much higher and use non-optimal combinations of boosted characters, and while getting much above 900 is once again nigh-impossible without many shields, that never really bothered me anyway. 

    PVE feels slower now - after using Thanos, even with the crazy-scaled enemies, absolutely everything feels like it takes a year, even boosted Peggy with IM40. Trivial nodes also require me to make more than 1-2 matches, which is kind of annoying. That said, I really only play PVE for progression ISO and CP, and never shoot for placement, so this doesn't matter much.

    In short, while I didn't enjoy flushing 1.5 million ISO down the drain, it's definitely brought back a lot of the fun for me.

    The flip side is that my overall enthusiasm has dropped a bit. Knowing what's waiting on the other side of the 5* rainbow, and knowing that it's not all it's cracked up to be, has taken a lot of the thrill out of opening LTs. Now, when I see that purple rectangle pop up, it's less "SWEET" and more "oh neat this might be useful someday."

    I'm still saving my LTs from champions and Crash matches with the intent to eventually spend them on a good trio of Latests which will hopefully provide a better experience than my previous one, but I no longer feel like I need to grind out every shred of CP and pray to RNGesus for 5* covers. Also, my CP is currently going to Classics because I want to get Blade, Medusa, Rocket & Groot, and Cloak & Dagger as strong as possible before they leave tokens. Any old 5* characters I cover (and I have a couple that are close) will just be gravy for now.

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    I sold all my 5* characters since they are waste of roster space. Not essential to the game and takes too long to fully cover any. 1* characters do more for me than 5* characters! Like earn me 500 iso a day. In order to make 5* characters strong you'll have to level them to 360 or higher. Not worth the iso or raising of scaling. 3* and 4* characters have more to offer anyways. I never bought into the 5* hype ever since it started!  :#
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    I dunno, my 5 stars are pretty useful in lightning rounds and easy pve nodes, but really that is really about it if you are intent on staying in the 4 star game level of play. My highest is a 5/2/5 jean at 260 and hinestly, I think I'll have champed the entire 4 star tier champed characters and all before ever sinking another ounce of iso into 5s.

    But by that time we'll probably have 20+ fives and just maybe the devs will open some path for letting us build them beyond random chance.