combat celebrant and cast out bug

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2 creatures disabled with cast out. 3rd creature is combat celebrant, which is not disabled. Combat celebrat's exert ability triggers and the 2 disabled creatures are now enabled. However the creatures remain enabled for the remainder of the game, although combat celebrant's ability reads "until end of turn"

**occurred during trial of zeal. I believe it was Neheb.

Also can we have a discussion for putting all the current bugs in perhaps one discussion. I feel like some of these bugs are getting neglected, whereas others say [devs aware]



  • AresOmega
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    My interpretation of the text on the card is that the double strike only lasts until the end of the turn. The disable clearing is permanent.
  • stikxs
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    I've never thought about the interaction with cast out since disabled is usually a one turn thing. In a match I would have probably read it the same as OP, but I can see them being separate parts. A comma might help some:
    Exert 3: Each creature you control loses Disabled, and gains Double Strike until the end of your turn.

    Separating the parts would be even better:
    Exert 3: Each creature you control loses Disabled. Each creature you control gains Double Strike until the end of your turn.

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    As stikxs has stated the text can be interpret in two different ways. Clearer text would be appreciated or even just an elaboration on how the card was intended to work, should the devs have enough time. Thank you.

    Otherwise this can also be closed out.
  • Brakkis
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    The enabled effect will only last for that turn, if the card disables the first creature (Suppression Bonds, Claustrophobia) or if it disables a creature upon it dealing damage to the Planeswalker (Hixus) but in the case of Cast Out and it's targeted disable, if the creature becomes Enabled by some means (Combat Celebrant, Vizier of Shifting Sands), it will remain in enabled because Cast Out doesn't re-apply itself.