Time taken to achieve first 4* champion?

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Hello fellow gamers,

I'm currently working on champing my 3* characters (got six champed so far). I plan to get all, if not most, of my 3* characters champed before I move onto the 4*s. With that in mind, I was looking ahead and wondering when I would be able to move into 4* land.

I wanted to start a thread to catalog the  'day' on which you'd have gotten your first 4* character championed. If you can remember your first 4* champion and talk about your experience in getting there, all the better.



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    I got my first 4* champion on day 96 or somewhere around that not too long ago. That 4* was Blade.

    I didn't even have a championed 3* when I started getting a lot of Blade covers, I got lucky (+bonus hero) and got Blade to 4/5/1 pretty fast. At that point I stopped getting covers for a long long time and it wasn't until he was a reward from PVE that I got him to 13 covers.

    When I say a long time I really mean it, I championed several 3* before I got another blade cover, and when I finally got another one that cover was green. When I finally got the covers to champion him from a black bonus hero cover and red/black from progression I had to get the ISO, which has been the worse part of all this.

    I have several 3* at 13 covers that are not getting champed any time soon, Coulson at 13 covers with one dying on the vine (and Medusa at 3/3/5 where I am waiting to know what colors are the placement rewards for the next PVE because progression is useless purple.)

    3* star land was so simple, I pulled a lot of covers from different heroes and the problem was getting enough HP for slots. ISO was never really a problem back then, but the moment I started going for 4* the ISO it's just not enough while I am still trying to get as much HP to roster all the 3*-4* that are essentials in PVE. At least HP and ISO are independent.
  • KinDMKinDM Age Unconfirmed Posts: 72 Match Maker
    Somewhere around 20 months. 

    You'll do it a lot quicker than that. :-D
  • PongiePongie Posts: 1,329 Chairperson of the Boards
    Mine was a little over a year, but new members are getting one in about a month now. 
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    I think there was only 2 or 3 4*s in existence when I started and they were almost impossible to get.  I finished top 1 in a PvP to get a single IW cover.  I have no idea when I covered my first 4* but I think it was 4Thor.  My brother was a soft capper and he said I was crazy for taking 4*s up to 270, but I was tired of getting clobbered in PvP. 
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    It took me close to 2 years, but I didn't play as much at first, and the game is very different now.  I'd recommend champing your 3's first, at least the 20 non-vaulted ones.  

    Hulkbuster was my first, and it made a big difference when he was boosted.  When he wasn't boosted, there wasn't a big difference between him and the boosted 3's.
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    I think it was close to 10 or 11 months after I started in April 2016. My goal had been to get all the 3*s rostered, then champed before really focusing on 4*s. 

    For the most part, I tried to keep as many 4*s as I could, but for quite awhile it was hard for me to get enough HP to stay on top of roster spots, without buying the HP outright. So I ditched a few single or two cover 4*s along the way. 

    As I would champ a 3*, I would just save the LT from the first champ level, since I wouldn't be able to roster a new 4* if I had pulled them anyway.

    Right about the time they released 5* BP, I had finally gotten to the place where all 3*s were rostered and I could hold on to new 4*s if I drew them. At that point, I think the only 4*s I hadn't rostered were Miles Morales, Star-Lord and maybe Drax. I remember it was three different 4*s. I decided to crack the hoard at that point (about 50 LTs and 1,300 CP), and did manage to pull the three 4*s I didn't have rostered.

    Then it was a mad scramble to get the HP I needed to roster them, plus Mordo, who was released shortly thereafter.

    But it was shortly after vaulting was implemented that I champed Medusa, then Bl4de and Spider-Woman shortly thereafter. Just how the tokens fell.

    I'm sure your experience will be much different though, with about 80 percent of the 4* tier and half the 3* tier vaulted.
  • NepentheNepenthe Age Unconfirmed Posts: 283 Mover and Shaker
    I found an old forum post from when I champed my first 4*, Hulkbuster, to get the date, and it looks like I was on or around day 780 when I champed him.  Of course, when I started there were only 2 4*s in the game and they were almost impossible to get covers for.
  • heybubheybub Posts: 247 Tile Toppler
    I just championed my first 4*, but I did wait until I got Peggy and Nova.  I was on like day 963...Am I doing something wrong here?
  • Arix90Arix90 Posts: 244 Tile Toppler
    I champed wasp just before vaulting started i was day 200 something now i am day 328 with 6 champs (jean kate wasp medusa  blade spiderwoman)
  • CalnexinCalnexin Posts: 1,078 Chairperson of the Boards
    22 months.  My first was Ghost Rider.  It wasn't by choice, just the first I happened to cover fully cover.

    The road there was a straight line through the tiers.  I had six of the 2* champed with one slot on rotation while I collected and built my 3* roster.  I focused solely on those until Crash of the Titans was introduced, at which point I started investing Iso into 4* characters that had a shot at beating it.  When I champed GR I started spreading my iso around - I rostered and began farming the remaining 2*, champed the 3 remaining 3* and pumped enough into OML to make him useful in PvE.  Since completing the original 40 3* it's been all treadmilling to complete the token 12 4*, squeezing the new 3* in when they appear.
  • grannegranne Posts: 852 Critical Contributor
    I started playing in May 2016, and, like @DarthDeVo, I wanted to get all the 3*s champed first so I saved all my CP and LTs. I had just started opening a few classics when vaulting came in, so I was in a very fortunate position. I had almost all the 4*s rostered, from progression and champ rewards, so I blew my stash of 40+ LTs and 1200+ CP. I got Peggy champed in ... late March or early April, I think. Luke Cage followed a couple of days later. I'm now up to 13 champs and Red Hulk will be joining them in a day or two.

    TL;DR about ten months.
  • SpringSoldierSpringSoldier Age Unconfirmed Posts: 265 Mover and Shaker
    I'm day 285 into the game and I just champed Blade and Agent Venom yesterday.
  • BowgentleBowgentle Posts: 5,038 Chairperson of the Boards
    Fury, the day season 3 ended.
    I'm still waiting for 5* covers for season alliance T100 like it should have been from the start.
  • CNashCNash Posts: 938 Critical Contributor
    I think I got my first max-level 4* (Nick Fury) a couple of months after the championing system came in, because I remember being annoyed that the champion reward for GSBW at level 183 was a Nick Fury cover, but not in the right colour to complete him. Then I pulled the cover I needed from a random token, followed shortly by three more all for Fury...

    It's day 1179 for me today so I reckon that was about a year ago... call it day 815 or so.
  • Spidurman27Spidurman27 Posts: 184 Tile Toppler
    Started in May of last year, first champ was just before Christmas (MaxPun).  Did that with one buy to help with roster slots in that time period.  Crazy part was I had only gotten to 3* land in September initially....didn't truly hit 4* land until April of this year and haven't looked back.
  • SendikelmSendikelm Posts: 48 Just Dropped In
    My history with MPQ:
    dec 2013 - start,
    nov 2015 (day 711) - first max-covered 4* (Wolverine),
    jun 2016 (day 901) - first champed 4* (Thoress).
    Today is day no.1288. I have 49 champed 4* now (50. Gamora in 3 days I think).
    Not champed - Howard (limited) and Sandman (new).
  • JaffzzJaffzz Age Unconfirmed Posts: 8 Just Dropped In
    How are people champing 4s so fast im at like day 330 and I have a few 4s with like 1- 2 covers each.  
  • KinDMKinDM Age Unconfirmed Posts: 72 Match Maker
    Jaffzz said:
    How are people champing 4s so fast im at like day 330 and I have a few 4s with like 1- 2 covers each.  
    I imagine this is the good side of CP flowing fairly regularly, and only 12 covers being in the CP pulls. 
  • iron-n-wineiron-n-wine Posts: 492 Mover and Shaker
    I'm just a shade under 2 years (about to get the Silver Surfer cover in Daily Resupply) and I champed my first 4* yesterday (Agent Venom)
  • Spidurman27Spidurman27 Posts: 184 Tile Toppler
    Jaffzz said:
    How are people champing 4s so fast im at like day 330 and I have a few 4s with like 1- 2 covers each.  
    A good PVE alliance early helps - the rewards add up fast, plus the knowledge base, which I love getting to now pass on.
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