How do you rank up so quickly in the lightning rounds?

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I understand how to do it in the Thor Tournament since it's really easy with a 150% boost on Thor.
But for the Lightning rounds, it's a little more difficult since no one (maybe just me) doesn't really have a juice up Loki, Hood, Doom, or Mag.



  • Maybe it's just you.
    Just about everyone I encounter has a ranked up Rag,Magneto,Hood,Loki.

    Sadly I only have Loki. His useless purple ability more often than not sets up the board in my opponents favour than mine.
  • Nemek
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    Yeah, I have to skip tons of times to find somebody without a Rag...
  • Yeah, but the same people are at 400 - 500 points in like the first 15-20 minutes of the tournament.

    There's gotta be some easy workaround where C-Storm kills the whole team in no time like in the Thor Tournament.
  • I had bad luck and wiped out.. No more revives. I really wanted the hood covers lol. I didnt realize ragnarok was buffed.. Wiped my team lol.
  • Yea there are actually a lot of people with leveled up boosted characters.
    My technique for ranking up fast is to play a few matches at the beginning to gain more points than you would if youre higher ranked and then come back with 45 mins left so all the matches are against higher ranked players that give more points
  • Boost for 6 yellow and 6 red AP costs you 300 ISO every 3 rounds. Matches win you average 105 ISO over 3 matches. People cannot stop you from winning games.

    You can slow people on the defense in 3 ways
    1) High level Rag obviously hurts
    2) Spiderman stuns
    3) High HP overall with things like high level Thor, Rag, Spidey, Wolvey, Capt (but he doesn't do much damage on his own) and others.

    The longer you prolong the matches, the more incidental and unavoidable damage they take and the less points per minute they'll earn from fighting you, and therefore the less likely they'll find it profitable to pick a prolonged fight with you

    Edit: Also, I noticed that retaliations do not count for as much in this tournament. The real challenge comes only when you're trying to compete for the top 25 prizes.
  • Basically, if you have a high level Rag you can place top 8 every tourney if you try. The other characters don't matter as much as Rag gets +200% boost for every lightning round (as well as the other villains). That's 1860 damage for 2 red AP
  • And here I am with Rag being the only character (I think) I have *never* pulled. Maxed out Cap, got 6+ covers for each of Moonstone and Iron Man 40, no Ragnarok.