Update to Heroes for Hire (6/23/17) *Updated (6/26/17)

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Hi Everyone,

Starting next Tuesday (6/27), the contents of the Heroes for Hire bundles will be changing.

Heroes for Hire will now give all players the opportunity to purchase a store offering of a 4-Star character. In addition, the character will follow the Crash of the Titans mission rotation, and is available for the full 5-day duration of the mission. The actual price and bundle contents will not be changing.

Detail Summary:
  • The bundle character will be the same character that's featured in Deadpool's Daily Quest mission, Crash of the Titans
    • A preview of the next featured 4-Star character will also be visible
  • All players will have the opportunity to purchase this bundle
    • Players that originally saw the 3-Star bundle will now see the 4-Star bundle instead.
  • The price and bundle contents have not changed.

Update: Apologies for the confusion everyone. It appears that for today only there will be a different store functionality, before switching to the above mentioned format.

If you purchase the Thing bundle, then the next bundle will become available. Here is a list of all the bundles available today, if players purchase them sequentially:

4-Star Bundles
Thing - Yellow
Invisible Woman - Blue
Carnage - Black
Quake - Yellow
Iron Fist (Danny Rand) - Green
Drax - Purple
Nick Fury - Blue

3-Star Bundles
Bullseye (Classic) - Purple
Steve Rogers (Super Soldier) - Yellow
Sentry - Red
The Punisher (Dark Reign) - Black
Blade (Daywalker) - Black
Wolverine (Patch) - Green
Human Torch (Classic) - Green
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