Good job on designing Gideon of the Trials, more like him, please

DuskPaladinDuskPaladin Age Unconfirmed Posts: 123 Tile Toppler
I just want to congratulate @Hibernum_JC and the Devs on Gideon3's design.

I hope you'll create more Planeswalkers like him.

His abilities (especially his second and third) are special and cool. He has good synergies with cycling and embalm, the two main abilities of Amonkhet.

He doesn't specifically refer to Cycling and Embalm, though, but Exile, which is much broader.

As such, he'll still be useful long after Amonkhet, as opposed to a parasitic Planeswalker like Arlinn (werewolves) or Chandra2 (energy).


  • DsagentDsagent Age Unconfirmed Posts: 73 Match Maker
    I really like Gideon however right now I have narihri and ajani 2 so I am saving my gold for a non white planeswalker.
  • khurramkhurram Posts: 983 Critical Contributor
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    I gotta admit that I do like him more than I expected myself to. His second ability is surprisingly good. Thrid is also awesome and the fist one also has its use once in a while. He has good Mana gains. None of his abilities push you to play with set specific cards. This more than anything is what players want from PWs. If they are going to spend their hard earned crystals and then runes to buy and level up a PW they want it to remain relevant.

    I really hope they do right by the PWs in Hour of Devastation.
  • ThuranThuran Posts: 456 Mover and Shaker
    Well, hour of devastation are GR samut, the 2nd worst PW in all of paper magic, and a monogreen Nissa, so unless they do Bolas, it seems like a very samey duo of walkers
  • ThéséeThésée Posts: 233 Tile Toppler
    I don't like him a lot, but it is probably because of my card pool. But I find him well designed for another reason : he is tough to play against because of a simple and rather good 1st ability, and this is much more interesting to face than PWs with useless or badly used first ability. The AI does not know how to use the 2nd,  though, and this is a (very little) flaw : I've seen it exile his only creature with it 
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    I like him more in TG with legacy cards but I agree. His abilities are all fun and useful, and synergize well with each other. If his mana gains weren't as good as they are, I might not care so much for him. 
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