Beating Lvl 100 Neheb the Worthy

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Specific card lists or general deck ideas or win strategies to beat the Lvl 100 Neheb, the Worthy please?  He beat everything I threw at him.


  • hawkyh1
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    I use sorin with kill cards and lifelink.

  • Stormcrow
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    I used creatureless Ob Nix with a bucketload of kill spells, Demonic Pact, and Lost Legacy for the finishing blow. You'll take 60 damage just from his haste creatures before you can finish him, so don't go out of your way to take extra damage.
  • Over_loaf
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    Ahhh Neheb The Worthy!  The luck of the gem fall my fellow Planeswalkers!! 
    Using Jace Telepath Unbound with Song of Creation powering Clash of Wills I was able to keep draining his Mana so Neheb was never able to use much haste creatures with double strike, and when he did I turned them into Pumpkins.The Time of Ice support card is awesome,  and one of my favorite cards Sword of the Animist really keeps the board moving along. Part the Waterfall and Spinning Wheel also kept control of the board. My creatures also were chosen to counter Neheb, Mizzium Meddler, Dalakos Crafter of Wonders and Stonecoil Serpent contributed to defense and offense while Song would continue to reinforce them.
    A lot of fun figuring out the strategy to counter the opponents offense, I would only hope that there was a choice of the top card when unleashing the power of Song of Creation because that card can cause some supreme devastation!