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Well, I just reached shield rank 125. Yay me. So I'm thinking I should hoard until they raise the rank. Is there anything I'm missing as to why I shouldn't hoard? Been reading the things to do while hoarding thread and it's very helpful. Love to hear from other 125ers to hear what they're doing. Thanks!


  • Orion
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    I'd hoard anyway since Star Lord and Doc Ock aren't very exciting 5*s to say the least.  Hang on to everything until the next couple of 5*s show up and champ them instead.
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    I'm considering the same thing, not because of shield rank, but because I have BP and HE at 13 covers and am not sure I really want SL or Doc Ock. It'll give me time to level everything I've been holding off on doing, which could be helpful too. The big downside imo is all the missed levels on 4* that will rotate out while I'm hoarding. If Carol is set to rotate out in that time, that's a lot of levels I might stand to lose by not opening tokens for 3-5 months. The other 4s in that time frame seem less important, but any highly leveled 4* could make a difference even in 5* land. Maybe your 4s are already really beefy so this is less of an issue for you though. Mine is I think 317, so getting her to 330+ could be a big difference maker.
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