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Should Pvp goals be easier to reach the more options/boosted characters you have? 
I'm at Shield rank 101. I don't have any max-covered or championed 5*s, and I'm experiencing more tougher time now with reaching 900 points than I used to. I'm at 38/39 4* Champs. Reaching 900 points is a nightmare for me now compared to before with less 4* champions. I have all the top 4*s championed. So I don't think there's much I can do there. As soon as I climb above 800, I'm losing 100 points or more each match I play, mostly from being beaten by single/double 5* champions (it's not something that happens once or twice or a few more times, but very frequently especially above 800 points) . I've previously noticed that pvp is a bit of a Rollercoaster, for a while you feel things are going OK, and you are able to reach your goals, and then it's like your progress takes two steps back, and you have to make your way up again. 

The worst I experienced was during 4* rocket and groot's pvp, I spent over 30 health packs trying to climb those last 100 points and all the shields available. (i didn't make it.) 

Should I just forget reaching 900 until I have 5*s fully covered and above level 420 (below that level is a target for 4*s) to be competitive with the 5*s? Is it possible something is messed up with the MMR? Is it only me? It's more often I miss the 900 points now than I reach it, and it used to be the opposite. I feel progress is slowing down. 


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    I have 15 champed 4's and have only missed 900 once this season. Slice and time you play all play a part in pvp 
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    What slice n time u think its the best cause the same thing happens to me too. 

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    My roster is slightly behind yours and I hit 900 about 90% of the time. I play s5 usually except the Sunday one, which I move around. I float around 50th place, then I go for it between 8-3 hours left. I use one 8 hour shield and that's it. When I try to get there in the last 3 hours I get hit more frequently, but it's doable if you have good 4's that play well together. It took me a while to find a pattern that works, but this has been working for me for a year now.

    As soon as you stick your neck over 900 it's open season, and I don't have a good strategy for that.
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    The earlier you do your big push, the less likely you'll be to get hit a lot during a match. The last 3 hours are always crazy with lots of people playing at once.  I usually hit 900 with like 5-8 hours left without shield-hopping at all. I just shield till the end.  If I'm busy and don't do the push until the final three I have to fight uphill against all those attacks.
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    What slice are you in?

    You should join Slice 5. You can get all the points you need.
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    Noob here but what do you all mean by slice 5?

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    The last time slot to end. The five ending time slots for each event are referred to as slice (or shard) 1-5, from earliest ending time to latest.
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    OP - the above player is trolling you. S5 is good fun but points are very much hard to come by due to people suppressing
  • Loki9876
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    Kind of a mean thing to do to someone who obviously isn't in the know