Source for knowing the toons rotating out

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I've looked through the forums and can't find a list of the toons that are set to rotate out of the tokens.  

For example:  I have 12 covers for Medusa, so I want to wait until just before she rotates out of tokens to start pulling.  How do I know who rotates out next?


  • broll
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    D3 hasn't provided anything but many users have created their own lists.

    Will be the 4th out.  4* line-up changes at season start, so at the start of the next season Gwenpool will definitely leave to be replaced by Sandman.  She'll probably be the only one rotating out this season.

    Next season will probably be both Bl4de and Agent Venom.

    The season following will be Medusa, so you've probably got at least a month and half left.

    Full order of currents rotating out:
    Gwenpool Gwen Poole
    Blade Modern
    Venom Agent Venom
    Medusa Inhuman Queen
    Captain Marvel Carol Danvers
    Riri Williams Ironheart
    Mordo Master of the Mystic Arts
    Agent Coulson Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
    Iron Fist Danny Rand
    Cloak & Dagger Classic
    Rocket & Groot Awesome Mix Volume 2
    Gamora Awesome Mix Volume 2