Boost Revamp

DroflewDroflew Age Unconfirmed Posts: 11 Just Dropped In
isn't it about time the boost were revamped to reflect the current state of play. I have been playing for nearly 3 years and have as yet seen these upgraded. I would suggest the removal of Silver stockpile (to gain additional AP for team up), and replacing it with a random boost. As for the critical boost replace that with a Random Critical Team up Power? Any other ideas? 


  • Piro_plockPiro_plock Posts: 287 Mover and Shaker
    Both critical boosts and team-up stockpiles can be useful in some situations.
    * Critical boosts make 5* critical match damage (already a big deal) even more devastating. Combine that with characters that can reliably make match-5s and crush opponents with ease.
    * Additional team-up AP can help you win a fight much faster (for example Whales, Whales, Whales TU and +2 TU AP boost = 4 TU matches and you win).

    I'm opposed to increasing randomness in an already excessively relying on RNG game, so I say pass on random boosts.
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